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Project Maison One


Live your dreams
of luxury with us

The Project Details

Maison One Sdn Bhd was started as a construction company called TAH Construction Sdn Bhd at first. The company founded by Mr. Tan Ah Hock and started as a construction company in 1990. Maison One have more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

With the amount of experience earned in the industry, the second generation Mr. Jo Tan and Mr. Greyson Tan wanted to focus on developing an Advisory Company that mainly focuses on Bungalow. As a subsidiary company. Maison One Sdn Bhd was mainly focused on giving advise for Bungalow construction.

Unique experience

We have many types of bungalow design, with the list ever-evolving. Some of them are fads and others are timeless classics that stand the test of time. Each style is comprised of distinctive furniture, décor, lighting, and accessories that give it its signature look.

The release website includes a
free 1 on 1 coach and consultations

one-stop services

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